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Hi! This is Aoi. This is my Music Blog! To view my tunes, click on my music tag below.

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Aoi The Dango

Tumbl OST


yeeeeee my homeboys 


just saw this and tomo-chan is sooooo kawaii!!!…… 
credits to violetfruit for this cute gif. <3

i like as well :D

ONE OK ROCK ONION! Tabs written by me. Download in description of video. :D

Hey, you're a great guy. Your music is incredible and every time you post something new I am blown away by it. You got some awesome skills; that won't ever change. Don't ever stop. Now for the question... how do you get inspiration for your fresh tracks?

Thank you so much :D

Inspiration is hard to come by, but it usually comes from current feelings/thoughts/emotions that I’m having. That, and other pieces of music or any other type of art.

Lost and Found ONE OK ROCK Tabs! :D Download in description of video :3

What's your favorite composer


Juvenile Tabs. Download all tabs in description of video!

Just started following you, keep tabbing one ok rock, I'll be downloading,ganbatte yo!

ahaha thank you so much for your support! ^-^ let’s be good friends from now on :D

ONE OK ROCK’s Pierce Tabs. Download in description of video.

Answer Is Near Tabs. Download in description of video.

Nobody’s Home by ONE OK ROCK. Tab download is in description! 

Clock Strikes FULL BAND TAB by me! Download all tabs in the description of the video.